Box notes will automatically be migrated to OneDrive as Microsoft Word documents, but formatting will not be retained. If you desire to keep formatting, you will need to copy the content of your Box notes into a new Word document prior to your migration. You can use the steps below to identify Box notes associated with your Box account.

Finding Your Box Notes

  1. Locate the Search Files and Folders box at the top of your Box account (
  2. Enter *.boxnote in the search field and press Enter

Deleting Box Notes

If you no longer need a Box note, it can easily be deleted.

  1. Hover over the note to be deleted and click the ellipses (...)
  2. Click Trash

Saving Box Notes Format

If you have formatted your Box notes and wish to retain the formatting, you will need to copy them prior to migration.

  1. Open the Box note that contains the formatting to be retained
  2. Press CTRL + A to select all of the text
  3. Press CTRL + C to copy the text
  4. Open a blank Microsoft Word
  5. Press CTRL + V to paste the note text
  6. Save the Word file