Box Non-Person Accounts (NPA) are used by work units. These accounts are owned by a non-person, identified by a “b-” prefix, and are accessible as a shared folder when you log in to your personal Box account. Because these accounts can have multiple co-owners, their migration is slightly different and more complex.

If you are a co-owner of a Box NPA account, Ag IT will reach out to you prior to the day your personal Box account is to be migrated. At that time, Ag IT will need to determine who will be the primary owner of the new shared OneDrive space as well as the best day for the NPA data to be migrated.  Whenever possible, it makes sense to migrate NPAs at the same time the primary owner's personal account is migrated.

What happens to NPA files after migration?

  • Migrated files and folders are added to the Document Library of a new SharePoint Teams site created based on the NPA name (eg. b-ittraining-Shared).
  • Files and folders located in the NPA file structure will be copied into the Document Library in a folder named  Box Migration Data.
  • Files and folders owned by the NPA but located outside of the NPA file structure will be migrated to the NPA SharePoint site document library (regardless of its original location in Box).

What about post-migration permissions?

  • The NPA co-owner identified as the primary owner will have Full permissions for the SharePoint site and can make changes and add members to the site.
    • As a best practice, it is a good idea for the owner to add at least one more member to the site and grant them Full permissions to the site. Your Ag IT consultant will be able to assist with this, if needed.
  • Collaborators internal to PSU will retain their permission levels on files and folders post-migration and will find them in the "Shared" area of their OneDrive on the web.
  • Permissions for collaborators external to PSU will not be retained. Files or folders shared with collaborators external to PSU will need to be re-shared. Instructions are available.

What if I have linked Box files/folders in Canvas?

Post migration, instructors or instructional support staff will need to update any Canvas courses and Prides that contain links to Box files, embedded Box files, or Box file upload folders. This will require manually moving impacted Box files to OneDrive, capturing the new link and replacing it in Canvas, and deleting the original file from Box, and should occur before the file owner's account is migrated to prevent access issues for students. Instructions are available.