This page lists some of the before and after things that needs done to get ready for the MS Teams migration and also the To Do list for after you have been migrated.

General information:

Your phone number will be moved to MS Teams Calling before 8 AM on the Migration Day. Even before this migration, you can make & receive internal PSU calls via MS Teams, the app already installed on your computer, but once you are migrated to MS Teams all of your phone calls will come through Teams.

What happens if I'm not in the office on the Migration Day? The migration will occur as planned whether you are in the office or not. No need to change your plans.

Prep work a few days before:

The day before you migrate:

  • Once again retrieve any voicemails in the Cisco/My VoIP portal.
  • We recommend you close out of Jabber and exit the program on your computer and/or cell phone.
    • AgIT can uninstall Jabber and mye911 from your computer at a later date.
  • You can disconnect your physical Cisco phone as well.
    • You may need to reconnect the network wires directly to your computer once the phone is removed from the setup.
    • Physical phones will be returned to PSU Surplus.

On your migration day:

There are a few things that need to be completed to provide you a better experience with MS Teams.
This How To includes info for:
  1. Setting Up Your Audio Device in Teams 
  2. Redirect Unanswered Calls 
  3. Managing Voicemail (Greeting)
  4. Setting physical location for e911
Ag IT staff will be at a Zoom room on migration morning from 8:30 until 12noon. Link will be provided via email to you. If you have questions or problems with the migration or using MS Teams, please reach out to us at the Zoom room.

Just a few reminders & notes:

Please note that you do not need to dial 8 or 1 nor you can dial/transfer with just the 5 digit extension. In all cases, the full phone number must be used to make or transfer calls.
MS Teams can be installed on your cell phone as well. Be sure to look for the same T icon as you have on your computer. MS teams - Apple or MS teams - Android Apps on Google Play 
More How To's for using MS Teams for calls can be found here: Teams Telephony
July 2024