Services and Fees


  • $6500 Base Fee
  • $65 per registrant fee
  • 2.6% credit card processing fee
  • $250 user login: Due to compliance costs, a user login is required to obtain unrestricted access to the CVENT registration site and all the reporting and event detail

Included Services

  • Marketing Pieces: Prepare and coordinate content for marketing pieces, including photos, copy, and target distribution lists. Coordinate print production of marketing pieces. Proof marketing pieces to ensure accurate information regarding the event's cvent registration website and registration process.
  • List Development: Work with client to develop targeted invitation lists through college, extension, and OCSC mailing lists, as well as industry and association/organization contacts. The OCSC will also use purchased lists as necessary to assist with target list identification.
  • E Marketing: Market the event via e-mails and key internet sites that would be appropriate for on line marketing, develop text for the e-mail marketing piece(s) to send to target list(s) consisting of the contacts' first names, last names, and e-mail addresses.
  • Print Advertising: Develop Ads that can be placed in trade journals or other publication that target prospective attendees. (Only Level 4)
  • Online Registration: Develop a customized registration system and event Web Site in Cvent that includes all event information and will process online registrations and credit card payments.
  • Non-electronic Registration Processing: Process registrations via mail, fax, and phone which will include all data entry and collection of associated registration fees.
  • Contract Negotiation - Negotiate and manage contracts with facilities and service providers, such as food vendors, Audio Visual, Transportation, etc.
  • Pre-Conference Planning- provide logistical and planning support for all aspects of the program including, but not limited to:
    • Housing/Lodging Management
    • Contract Management
    • Facility Management
    • Food Service Management
    • Audio Visual Management
    • Travel Arrangements for Speakers
    • Budget Management
    • Transportation Arrangements
    • Entertainment Arrangements
    • Parking Facilitation
    • Rental Agreements
    • Abstract and Presentation Management
  • Registration Materials: produce standard registration materials to client specification including but not limited to, agenda, conference information sheet, registration list, exhibitor list, speaker bios, sponsor recognition, evaluation, and nametags. OCSC will also coordinate the selection, design, purchase, and production of registrant and speaker gifts, such as tote bags, portfolios, mugs, clothing or other products if chosen by the client.
  • On-site support: Provide registration check-in and distribution of registration materials for attendees and speakers or exhibitors, facilitate event set up, assume responsibility for the event during the length of the program, provide staff support to check the facility set-up, break services, DJ, bus arrival, etc. and be available at all times to make sure the event is running smoothly and that service providers are meeting their contractual obligations satisfactorily. 3 full days of on-site support is included at this level of service. For programs lasting longer than 3 days, an additional fee of $600 per day or $300 for a half day will be charged. Level 4 requires that conference staff remain on site for the duration of the program.
  • Speaker Management: Invite and confirm prospective speakers; notify speakers of expenses covered; inquire about travel arrangements, AV needs, etc.; make travel arrangements; collect AV needs, biographies, and presentations; process honorariums and speaker expenses.

    Please note: The management of twelve invited speakers per event day is included in the service level fee. The daily number of speakers allowable is 12. This is determined by identifying the average number of speakers per day per program. Any additional speakers, beyond a daily average of up to 12, will be managed at the rate of $100 per speaker. International speakers require additional processing and incur an additional charge per international speaker of $25.

  • Travel Award Management: Process and manage travel awards for domestic recipients at no additional cost. Due to the additional work required for processing international travel, there will be a processing fee of $25 per international travel award.
  • Budget Development, Management, and Reconciliation: Develop the planning budget based on the program requirements, manage the expenses and income throughout the planning process, reconcile program expenses and collected registration income and provide detailed budget statements to clients. Any residual program income will be returned to the client at the close of the program budget, usually final in 1-2 months. A negative conference balance will be billed against the client's department budget.
  • Exhibitor Management: Coordinate exhibit space, develop exhibit layout, assign booth sizes and locations notify exhibitors of location, collect information regarding exhibitor requirements, collect exhibitor fees, and assist with exhibitor set up.
  • Sponsor Management: recognize sponsors on web, and at the conference in registration materials, signage, or power point, solicit and collect sponsorship payments, assist with sponsor travel arrangements, lodging, and needs while at the conference.
  • Abstract/Poster Management: Collect and upload abstracts; notify those who submitted abstracts whether or not they have been selected to develop a poster or presentation; provide instructions for poster production to those who will be presenting posters including dimensions; coordinate and set up posters display area; and provide direction to poster presenters for the display of posters at the event. Please note: The management of 100 posters is included in this service level fee. Any additional posters will be managed at a rate of $20 per poster presenter.

Optional Services and Fees

  • Abstract Collection and Production: Compile, design, and print a booklet from the abstracts submitted. Work with designer to prepare abstracts for publication. Submit updates to abstracts and late submissions to meet production deadlines. Coordinate printing of final designed booklet. The cost of printing materials is not included in the assembly fee.

    Fee: $10 assembly fee per booklet

  • Manual/Binder Production:Collect and compile presentations, develop manual/binder spine and cover; manage the production including multiple stages of proofing. The cost of printing materials is not included in the assembly fee.

    Fee: $10 per manual coordination

  • Electronic Presentation Delivery: Collect and compile presentations and coordinate electronic delivery by USB or File Share.

    Fee: $10 per registrant.

  • Certificates: Coordination, printing, and assembly of certificates. Includes certificate paper, certificate holder, 8 1/2" x 11" envelope, and label.

    Fee: $3 per certificate.

  • If travel is required to support the program, staff travel will be billed as a direct cost of the program delivery and is not covered by the administrative fees.

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