Water Science Option

Students with an interest in water quality issues and the management and sustainability of this precious natural resource will find the Water Science option an excellent way to build a future career in water resources.

For prospective students and those enrolled since Summer 2018:

For students enrolled prior to Summer 2018:

More Information

Water is vital for all living things on Earth, yet global demands for water have created serious water quality and quantity issues. Students in the Water Science option of the Environmental Resource Management major will complement their environmental science course work with classes in watershed management, stream restoration, wetland conservation, aquatic ecology, and more.

Students in this option learn to test stream samples, gather groundwater data, and take hydrological measurements in the field and in the lab. Graduates will have the opportunity to work with government agencies, private consulting firms, and nonprofit organizations on issues such as land-use practices and erosion control, protecting wetlands, identifying and remediating contaminated aquatic systems, and performing environmental and hydrological assessments.

Potential Careers

  • wetlands conservation
  • surface and groundwater hydrology
  • erosion and sedimentation control
  • watershed management
  • freshwater ecosystems management
  • water and wastewater treatment
  • pollution regulation and compliance