Each year the club puts a great deal of time and pride into preparing it's Club Scrapbook. The scrapbook is for more than the National Competition. It is taken to numerous events and actives throughout Pennsylvania each year to help tell our clubs story to recruits, alumni and the poultry industry. Each member going to the USPEA International Poultry Trade show has to complete at least two pages to attend.

Near the end of each semester we pull our pictures out of the closet and put together a club scrapbook to take to the International Poultry Expo in Atlanta Georgia. The scrapbook contains pictures from our activities, fundraisers, and meetings. At the 2020 Expo our club won the Scrapbook of the Year Award for the 23rd time.

The whole club chips in to help complete the scrapbook. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to help make the club keepsake. However, every student planning to travel to Atlanta with the club is required to complete at least two pages of the scrapbook.

We work hard but we also have fun!

Group effort