The Penn State Poultry Science Club promotes the study of the avian species and enhances members' understanding of the poultry industry. The Penn State Poultry Science Club was named the National "Club of the Year" at the US Poultry College Program multiple times over the years. The Poultry Science Club is one of the most active clubs in the College of Agriculture at Penn State.

Becoming an active Member

To become an active club member you need to attend 60% of all club functions and activities. No dues, just be an active participant, make life long connections have fun and learn.

Club Meetings

Club meetings are on the first, third and fifth Wednesdays at 5:30 pm throughout Fall and Spring semesters. The meetings are a time to discuss and plan our events as well as invite industry representatives and alumni to educated the members about the opportunities in the poultry industry. We enjoy a free meal at every Poultry club meeting.

International Study Tours

Every other or third spring break the Poultry Science Club has been going on an international study tour. The nine to ten day tour concentrates on learning about the poultry and allied industry during the week and on culture at night and over the weekends. We went to the Netherlands in 2010, Germany in 2014, and Spain in 2016.  Unfortunately our 2020 trip to Italy had to be canceled due to Covid-19.


Our clubs major fundraising event is held each fall semester with the Thanksgiving Turkey Harvest. Each year we harvest approximately 500 turkeys at the Poultry Education Research Center and sell the fresh dressed turkeys at the Meat Lab the Monday prior to Thanksgiving. This fundraiser provide revenue for the club that is used to support club activities throughout the year.

International Poultry Exposition

In mid-January, Club members go down south to Atlanta, Georgia. Members attended the International Poultry Exposition where they explored company and equipment exhibits from around the world. During the Exposition students have the opportunity to interview for wide variety of internships and full-time employment with over fifty poultry and allied poultry companies. The Club also competes for the annual National Poultry "Club of Year", "Student of the Year", and "Scrapbook of the Year" during the USPOULTRY College Program as well as gets to meet with over 600 students from 30-40 other universities from throughout the United States.