The Spring 2022 Officers for the Poultry Science club. Feel free to contact any of the officers if you have questions about the club or are interested in joining.

President - Jonathan Nace (

Vice President - Katherine Schafer (

Secretary - Rogen Shaffer (

Treasurer - Madison Berger (

Elected Committee Chairs

Public Relations Committee Co-Chairs - Madison Berger( and Katherine Schafer(

Fund Raising Committee Co-Chair - Matthew Eyre ( and Jonathan Nace (

Community Service Committee Chair - Emily Brzozowski (

Scrap Book and Awards Committee Co-Chairs - Kaityn Emmett ( and Katherine Schafer(

Social and Banquet Committee Co-Chairs - Lauren Itle-Szpala ( and Morgan Watt (

Ag Student Council Representative - Lauren Itle-Szpala (  and Elena Archer (


Phillip Clauer -