Every fall the club harvest and sell' fresh dressed turkeys to the general public as our club's main fund-raiser. Due to COVID–19 we needed to make several changes to the sale to meet procedure and distancing requirements during the harvest and sale. We are thankful that the detailed protocols and procedures for conducting the sale have been approved. We plan to have 18-22 pound birds this year. We no longer sell smoked turkeys. The sale will be held in the Penn State Meat's Lab parking lot on Porter Road on November 23rd, 2020. New policies and procedures are discussed below.


"Thank you" to everyone who supported the club by buying a fresh turkey.

The Turkey Harvest is fast approaching!

Poultry Science Club 2020 Turkey Sales order policy.

Turkeys will be between 18 and 22 pounds as in past years. 

Due to COVID – 19 we needed to make several changes to the 2020 sale to meet procedure and distancing requirements during the harvest and sale.

The biggest changes this year will be a need to take orders and our pricing.  

  1. We will only be able to process about 240 birds this year.
  2. We must take pre-orders this year, based on filling them as we receive the orders. No orders will be accepted until 9:00 am, October 26th.  Any orders placed prior to that time will NOT be accepted. You will receive a follow up e-mail with a confirmation #.  When all 240 turkeys are ordered we will keep a waiting list in case we can process extra birds, or someone does not pick their order up on Monday November 23rd.  
  3. This year, pricing will be at a flat rate. All #1's will be $40 each (#1's are turkey carcasses with no major blemishes).  
  4. Pick up day will be on November 23rd. Customers will NOT be allowed to get out of their car.  Your order will be confirmed (using your name and confirmation number), you will pay with exact cash or check from your car window.  Birds will be placed in your trunk or back passage side floorboard.  



Orders will be accepted begin at 9:00 am, October 26, 2020.  DO NOT send orders before this time.  You will receive a confirmation number within 24 hours of placing your order from the Poultry Science Club advisor (Phillip Clauer).

Pick up will be in the Meats Lab parking lot off Porter Road.  A map with detailed instructions will sent with your confirmation number once your order is received.

Pick up day will be November 23rd from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.   BRING YOUR ORDER CONFIRMATION e-mail to get your turkey No need to arrive early to line up.   Turkeys will be distributed randomly as they are removed from the cooler.  Any birds not picked up by 3:00 pm will be distributed to individuals on a waiting list.   If on the waiting list you will be contacted at 3:00 pm Monday to inform you if a bird is available.

For more information contact

Matthew Eyre, Club Turkey Sales Chair at mce5146@psu.edu  or

Phillip Clauer, Club Adviser at pclauer@psu.edu