Every fall the club harvest sell's' fresh dressed turkeys to the general public as our club's main fundraiser. The Poultry Science Club has again had to adjust how we complete this event in 2021. We are targeting birds for the 18-23 pound range again this year. The sale itself will be similar to last year in that we will have to take pre-order. But, pick up will be at a different location and in a timed manner on both Sunday the November 21st and Monday the 22nd. Also, there will be an electronic on-line form to complete to start the pre-order process. The form will become active at 8pm on October 20th. You will receive a confirmation of your order within 48 hours.

The Turkey Harvest is approaching fast!  Here are the details for 2021.

1.  Turkeys will be between 18 and 23 pounds as in past years. 

2.  All birds will be first come first serve by using the Form linked below.  ONLY 2 turkeys may be ordered per person.  The Pre-order form link below will go live at 8pm on October 20, 2021.  Orders will be time stamped and taken on a first come, first serve basis. Once birds are sold out we will develop a waiting list. You will be contacted if you are on the wait list. Last year we had 28 people that placed orders not show up, so the waiting list allowed us to sell these birds.

Pre-order Form 

3.  The pricing will be a flat rate per turkey, depending on the turkeys grade. All #1’s will be $40 each and all #2’s will be $30 as they are available. #1’s are turkey carcasses with no major blemishes.  #2’s are turkey carcasses with wings missing or trims in the skin, etc.  We always have a limited number of # 2’s available,   If you would prefer a #2 but would take a #1 if a #2 is not available please check the appropriate box so you are assured a turkey and not placed on a #2 wait list.  

4.  We can only accept Cash and Checks (Made out to "Penn State Poultry Science Club")  We cannot take credit cards.  

5.  Pick up days will be on Sunday, November 21st and Monday, November 22nd, 2021 in 30 minute blocks due to the lack of parking and space for vehicles at the pick-up site.   You will drive up, show your confirmation e-mail, pay for your order by cash or check made out to "Penn State Poultry Science Club" and received your Turkey(s) at the designated time sent to you by e-mail prior to your pick up date.  If, something comes up and you need to change your pick up time you will need to contact us to arrange for a change. 

6.  Any Turkeys not picked up within 2 hours of the designated pick up time will be distributed to individuals on the waiting list. We will start contacting people on the wait list at the end of pick up time on Sunday, November 21st.

Due to COVID – 19 no one will be allowed to exit your vehicle without a mask per Penn State requirements. 

    For more information contact

    Turkey Sale Co-chairs: Matthew Eyre mce5146@psu.edu, or Jonathan Nace jzn61@psu.edu  

    Phillip Clauer, Club Adviser at pclauer@psu.edu