Dr. Edward Mills returned as a Block and Bridle advisor in 2013 after a 15 year hiatus. The club is very excited to have Dr. Mills back as an advisor. Ed is Associate Professor of Meat Science, teaching the Animal Products Technology courses, ANSC 207 and 208 and the Science and Technology of Muscle Foods course, FDSC 415. Graduate and undergraduate students conduct meat science and meat processing research in his laboratory. Current projects focus on fresh meat packaging and color. Ed has a continuing research interest in low-tech meat preservation, natural meat curing technology and, control of lipid oxidation in fresh and precooked meat products. Whenever the opportunity arises he applies these and other technologies in efforts to develop community meat processing and preservation enterprises in developing countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya and Namibia. Ed's agricultural experiences began on his family's farm in Ohio where they milked cows, raised Holstein beef and fed market hogs. He stays involved with the farm through occasional visits often doing repair and maintenance of farm equipment. Ed's primary office is Rm 16 Meat Laboratory. His ASI office, Rm 304, is a good place for a scheduled meeting but, if you want to drop in without an appointment, look for him at the Meat Lab. Ed can be reached by email, ewm3@psu.edu or phone, 814-865-2394.