The Northeast Regional Sun Grant Center has formed a competitive grants program serving the Northeast Sun Grant states.

About the Competitive Grants Program

The Competitive Grants Program has been designed to support research, education and outreach projects in the strategic areas of biologically-based power (BioPower), biologically-based fuels (BioFuels), and biologically-based non-food products (BioProducts). The program serves qualified institutions that address the strategic goals described in the Request for Application and elucidated in the 2004 Strategic Roadmap (PDF), the 2011 Roadmap Update on Research Priorities.

The Sun Grant mission is to focus the intellectual capacity of the region's universities in partnership with state and federal agencies and the private sector to enhance national energy security and the emerging bio-economy through the development, distribution and implementation of bio-based energy technologies, promote bio-based diversification and environmental sustainability of the region's agriculture, and promote opportunities for bio-based economic diversification in rural communities.

Number of Grant Submissions and Awards

Number of competitive grant submissions and awards, by state, for the Northeast Regional Center.

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