The International Fruit Tree Association scholarship for next generation growers.

The International Fruit Tree Association accepts young grower scholarship applications for the annual conference and summer study tour each season to help defray costs for next generation growers who wish to attend their first IFTA event. A link to the application is posted on the IFTA site once information is available for an upcoming event.

This scholarship was first available in 2013 for the Summer Study Tour in Gettysburg, PA. In time for this event, 12 young growers from the U.S. and Canada were recipients of the award, thanks to several donors who helped make it possible. Another 21 young growers and first time attendees of an IFTA event, won scholarships for the annual IFTA Conference in Kelowna, British Columbia the winter of 2014. That means in just the first year of this program 33 young orchardist new to IFTA meetings and tours have been given the opportunity to learn from industry peers, network with growers from around the world and bring home innovative ideas to their farms.

Due to the success of the scholarship program, the International Fruit Tree Association and scholarship sponsors plan to continue offering the awards to next generation applicants. To help support the program, donations towards future scholarship can be made to IFTA's Young Grower Scholarship.

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