Our mission is to encourage, develop, support, and equip the next generation of fruit growers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

A new generation of specialty crop growers is building coalitions to develop innovative approaches for meeting future growing and marketing challenges. Participate as much or as little as you want, but get to know the people around you!

Activities include field trips, orchard tours, workshops, luncheons with guest speakers, and much more--limited by our own creativity! The coalition currently includes over 375 growers from the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. New members are always welcome. If you are interested in joining the Young Grower Alliance, or would like to know more, please .


  • Open to young people interested in or new to a horticultural career
  • Ages: generally 18-35, but there is really no limit - if you are the next generation on the farm, join us!
  • Currently we have approximately 400 participants from PA and surrounding states



Value of the YGA

  • Sense of Community
  • Transition
  • Exchange of Ideas
  • Business Development
  • Communication and Networking Skills
  • Exposure

"On a personal level, I learned to feel excited about my career choice, which is about the best thing that can happen to a young adult"

A place to learn...

The YGA offers year-round educational opportunities to its members. Educational field trips to universities, grower orchards, and research facilities give direct accessibility to experts and professionals eager to share their knowledge and experiences. Exposure to new practices and technologies encourages innovation among this next generation of growers.

A place to lead…

Members are given opportunities to meet with community and agriculture leaders, serve on committees, and take on leadership roles within organizations. YGA has given a voice to the youth in horticulture, and many people are eagerly awaiting to hear what we have to say.

A place to connect...

The YGA is a social network bringing together the different young people who are pursuing the unique lifestyles involved with farming and horticulture. Whether you like to share business ideas or swap farmer stories, there is always someone to connect with at a YGA event.

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Slide Show of our Tour of New Zealand

By Margaret and Christopher Reid.

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  • Extension Educator, Tree Fruit