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Scott Brickman

Faculty and students had the chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities of turning an idea into a commercial venture with four successful entrepreneurs.

Tom Murphy

Since 2005 Tom Murphy has met with more than 40,000 people in more than 200 public meetings. He is no stranger to Marcellus shale issues, and his work in this area has brought recognition from the governor of Pennsylvania.

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Looking at ways to bring high-speed Internet access to 2.8 million rural residents and businesses that still can't get to the information superhighway.

Master Gardener Molly Sturniolo (right)

An army of volunteers makes it possible for Penn State Cooperative Extension to deliver on their educational goals.

Exam (image courtesy of

As science and practice constantly grow, the challenges undergraduate students face do as well. Where better to mark those challenges than in final exams?

Judy Schwank

Judith L. Schwank becomes dean of agriculture at Delaware Valley College.

Flowers at the H. O. Smith Botanic Gardens

The Arboretum at Penn State is growing. If you haven't had a chance to visit the H. O. Smith Botanic Gardens, you can view a collection of Arboretum images online.

Barley Seed

More than 1,400 seed banks, large and small, store seed around the world as a safeguard against disease or a catastrophic loss of genetic diversity. Should an entire crop be wiped out, planters could use seed reserves to start again.

High Tunnel

To help Pennsylvania growers, researchers are looking at portable high tunnels, or “hoop houses,” which can help Pennsylvania farmers extend their growing season, expand crop variety, and increase yields—all while reducing pesticide use and retaining vital soil nutrients.

Far from home, recent horticulture graduate Curtis Frederick takes his education and experience to South Africa to manage the Ukulima Root Biology Center. His skill and hard work enable him to juggle myriad responsibilities so that researchers can successfully pursue their goals.

Lisa Rankin

Lisa Rankin demonstrates that valuable experience is waiting outside the classroom and beyond the borders.


A research team including Catherine Cutter, associate professor of food science; John Floros, professor and head of food science; and Valentina Trinetta, a visiting scholar from the University of Milan, Italy, explore the use of pullulan films to control food pathogens.

Bob Cameron

Penn State horticulturists use discarded materials and a combination of plant and bacterial communities to treat wastewater. Plant roots enmeshed in layers of discarded materials can purify dirty water, making it suitable for other uses.

Jon Oatley

Stem cell researcher Jon Oatley seeks to better understand general stem cell biology in hopes of finding ways to advance the treatment of disease.

Fred Gouker

Fred Gouker gains valuable knowledge as a plant researcher through internships and study abroad experience.

Bruce McPheron (photo by Steve Williams)

Dean Bruce McPheron Tweets about his ideas and experiences and offers a glimpse of the college through his Dean’s Desk site, an online view of the college, agriculture, and emerging issues through words and pictures.

Old Main

The University recognizes Avery August, Thomas Baker, Douglas Beegle, and Jeffrey Peters as Distinguished Professors for their exceptional accomplishments in teaching, research, and service.

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