Federal legislation requires that softphone applications, like Jabber, be able to route emergency calls placed to 911 to the nearest Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) and provide a dispatchable location for emergency response. All licensed Cisco Jabber users must use the new MyE911 app on their work computers and tablets to provide accurate location information in the event of an emergency. It is NOT required on cell phones. It IS required on personal computers & tablets.

Install MyE911 via the BigFix Self-service Application

  1. Open the BigFix Self-service Application
    • Windows computers: Click the small up arrow in your system tray and then click the b icon
    • b win.png
    • MacOS computers: From either the Menu toolbar or Applications, launch BigFixSSA
    • b mac.png
  2. Select the RedSky MyE911 offer
    • mye911 offer.png
  3. Click Install
    • mye911 install.png

Set and verify your current location within the MyE911 app

Following are instructions for both Windows and macOS computers. After MyE911 is installed, you must continue to set and verify your current location.

Please note: You only need to verify your location (i.e., calling 9-3-3 via Jabber) once.

Please reach out to Ag IT if you have questions or need assistance. The Ag IT help desk can be reached via agcompsupport@psu.edu, Help Request form or calling 814-865-1229.