Staff and Volunteer Resources

Information and resources for Penn State employees and committee members who are working at the 2018 Pennsylvania Farm Show, January 6 -13, will be located at the password protected link below early November. This is accessible only to designated department committee chairs of the Farm Show and Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences' exhibit committee chairpersons.

This private resource includes the Farm Show Office letter to chairpersons that identifies submission deadlines, instructions for lodging, parking and name-tag distribution process, and approvals for travel reimbursements. The "Worker Travel Form" is provided at this site. Please read all instructions carefully to expedite processing.

Under Chairperson database is posted the opportunity to schedule the premium list meetings.

If you have questions regarding these instructions for Farm Show committee members, please contact .

You will need to login under your name and use the Farm Show password as provided in your chairperson letter, to access the committee database. You must then reset your password. Please keep your updated committee information in this database for easy reference.

The Farm Show Committee Travel Reimbursement Worksheet Instructions and Travel Form are now available for approved committee members. Please read the worksheet instructions carefully and print clearly on the form. The GSA/IRS reimbursement for mileage rate is 54.5 cents per mile, effective Jan. 1, 2018.