The Farm Show Committee Travel Reimbursement Worksheet Instructions and Travel Form is available for approved committee members. Please read the worksheet instructions carefully and print clearly on the form or use the fill-in feature. NOTE the GSA/IRS reimbursement for mileage rate in 2020 is .575 and a fill-in PDF form is now available.

2020 Farm Show Travel Worksheet Form

PDF document, 241.0 KB

Please submit legible and complete travel worksheets in order to facilitate the processing. The new approved mileage rate as of Jan. 1, 2020 is .575. We ask your committee chairperson approve your worksheets by signing your completed form. Read carefully the worksheet instructions for Farm Show Forms. A printable form is provided for your use and deadline for submission is March 2, 2020.

Travel Worksheet Instructions

PDF document, 254.0 KB

Detailed instructions on requirements for completing travel worksheets for 2020 Farm Show workers are outlined on the PDF below. Chairperson's must approve all travel forms prior to submission for processing. NOTE: For Farm Show Committees, Send copy of your travel worksheet with itemized meal receipts attached to the Farm Show Office in Harrisburg for their auditors. Special reminder for PSU employees serving on committees: you may use University purchasing card for Farm Show expenses. If it is travel related (meals), it will be on the Employee Reimbursement System and employees must note the purchase card was used on the Travel Worksheet for meals. If it’s for supplies (non-travel related), the purchasing card form and receipts are required for processing by the Ag Administrative Services Office. Your purchasing card forms must have the employee PSU ID# or transaction number for staff to reconcile the transaction for appropriate budget.

2020Fill-inForm FarmShowTravelWorksheet.pdf

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