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Merit-based NSF grant extension supports expansion of gene-editing technology

August 24, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Researchers who developed an improved method of gene editing for the study of arthropods will expand the technology for use in vertebrate species such as mice, fish and birds after receiving new funding from the National Science Foundation.

Invasive shrubs in Northeast forests grow leaves earlier and keep them longer

August 24, 2020

Citizen scientists confirm that invasives seem to have advantage over native shrubs, contributing to their proliferation, impacts

Tick Series: Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Diseases

August 5, 2020

Tick prevention, treatment, and more will be covered in this Live webinar.

Tick Series: Protecting Yourself from Tick Bites

August 5, 2020

Learn how to prevent tick bites during this live webinar!

Tick Series: Tick Protection Around the Home

August 5, 2020

Join our informative webinar to learn how to protect you and your family from tick bites while still enjoying your backyard this season!

Is Canning on a Portable Burner Safe?

August 5, 2020

A portable burner may be a suitable alternative to a cooktop stove for water bath canning if certain specifications are met. However, it may not work for pressure canning.

Flavored Vinegars

August 5, 2020

Easy to make flavored vinegars add elegance and interest to entrées and salads. Flavorings may include herbs, fruits, vegetables, and spices.

The Well-Preserved Onion

August 5, 2020

Properly cured onions stored in a cool, dark, and well-ventilated place will keep a long time. Other methods of preserving this popular vegetable include canning, freezing, and drying.

Ag Alumni Society Election Results

July 21, 2020

2018 graduate of Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, receives the Diana Award.

July 20, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Shah Rafayat Chowdhury, a 2018 graduate of Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, has received the Diana Award, one of the highest accolades a young person can achieve for social action or humanitarian effort.

Ecology Institute announces grant recipients

July 20, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The Ecology Institute has awarded 11 proposals from across the University as part of its Flower Grant program, including five projects submitted by faculty at Commonwealth Campuses.

Todd A. Jackson named director of Animal Resource Program at Penn State

July 20, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Dr. Todd A. Jackson, who holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine and is recognized as a Diplomate of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine, has been named director of the Animal Resource Program at Penn State, beginning Sept. 28 and reporting to the senior vice president for Research. Jackson will also hold a position as research professor in the Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences.

Gary Thompson leaves his mark on Penn State's agricultural research enterprise

July 20, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Gary Thompson, associate dean for research and graduate education and director of the Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, will step down, effective July 31.

NSF CAREER grant supports entomologist in study of sterility mechanisms in bees

July 20, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A grant of more than $1 million from the National Science Foundation will support a researcher in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences in a study of mechanisms that induce sterility in social insects.

Penn State Creamery to reopen July 20

July 20, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Here is a bit of sweet news — the Penn State Berkey Creamery will reopen Monday, July 20.

Pesticde Recertification Credits

July 3, 2020

Earn pesticide recertification credits from your own home or office with the Green Industry Pesticide Update Webinar Recording: Spotted Lanternfly Management. Registrants have the opportunity to earn Core (2 credits) and Category (2 credits) recertification credits while learning about the Spotted Lanternfly insect and Tree of Heaven weed.

Safe Summer Picnics

July 3, 2020

Make sure your plans for summer picnics consider safe food handling and social distancing practices to prevent your guests from becoming ill.

National Pollinators Month

June 26, 2020

National Pollinators Month in June encourages the planting of pollinator gardens of native, non-invasive pollen and nectar-producing plants. One of the most important ways you can help pollinators is by provisioning your yard with plants that provide pollen and nectar. To attract butterflies, you will also need to include a variety of larval host plants for caterpillars to eat.

New agritourism video series highlights women’s risk-management perspectives

June 25, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State Extension has released a series of four short videos that offer the perspectives and experiences of five women farmers in Pennsylvania on how they manage risks associated with agritourism on their farms. The video series is designed to inspire other farmers to address these risks in their own businesses.

New members elected to Water Council

June 22, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The Institutes of Energy and the Environment (IEE) announced two new members of the Penn State Water Council. The new members, Shirley Clark and Susan Boser, were elected by their peers and will begin their terms on July 1, 2020.

Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program inducts six new fellows

June 22, 2020

The Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) Academic Leadership Program (ALP) in 2020-21 will include six new fellows from Penn State.

Alumni Association announces new home for virtual programming

June 22, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn Staters, get ready to tune in.

Asian giant hornets currently not a concern for Pa., eastern North America

June 22, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Recent alarming news reports aside, Asian giant hornets — sometimes referred to, hyperbolically, as "murder hornets" — are not an immediate concern in the Northeast, nor are they likely to be for a long time, if ever, according to an entomologist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.

Tuberculosis spread from animals to humans greater than previously thought

June 22, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The number of human tuberculosis (TB) cases that are due to transmission from animals, as opposed to human-to-human transmission, may be much higher than previously estimated, according to an international team of researchers. The results could have implications for epidemiological studies and public health interventions.

Master Gardeners grow interest in home gardening through Victory Garden series

June 22, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — During the early to mid-1900s, it was commonplace for families to have a garden in their backyard, not just as a means to grow their food, but also to show their patriotism by providing their excess harvest to war efforts.

Spotted Lanternfly Checklist for Residents

June 17, 2020

Environmental student’s internship fixes on climate action

June 12, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Leaving her footprint on the natural world — in a reduced-carbon kind of way — has been a long-held aspiration for Sarah Schanwald.

A message from Penn State President Eric J. Barron

June 12, 2020

College of Ag Sciences recognizes Shannon for excellence in academic advising

June 12, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Tammy Shannon, academic advising coordinator for the environmental resource management program, has received the 2020 Excellence in Academic Advising Award from Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

New institute to help address complex food-energy-water-land challenges

June 12, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — The seed for Penn State’s Institute for Sustainable Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Science was planted well before the COVID-19 outbreak. The concept had been growing in the College of Agricultural Sciences for about two years when the pandemic emerged.