AG Futures Session One

Posted: September 3, 2010

Understanding Our Current State and Our Assumptions

The AG Futures Team met on Friday, September 3rd, and discussed the current situation and assumptions in the college. The group focused on the following areas with input being collected to ultimately be used to develop college strategic imperatives for future growth to be submitted as recommendations to the Dean.

Focus Areas of Session One:

We Could Have Done That...

  • Missed innovations or new business opportunities
  • What got in the way
  • Potential long-term impact on the organization

Game Changers...

  • Major achievements, innovations, and game changers
  • Enabling skills, processes, technologies and capabilities
  • Differentiating impact and benefits to the customers or the organization

Defining Core Competencies:

  • The technical and organizational capabilities that enable an organization to be a leader in providing a unique benefit to a customer
  • Transcend individual products and service
  • Provide the essence of customer value and uniqueness from competitors

Where Can We Go From Here?

  • Traditional business assumptions that may no longer be valid
  • Potential things we could stop doing
  • Potential core competencies
  • Potential new business opportunities if we ignore the assumptions and leverage the competencies

Homework: Each team member was asked to interview at least three faculty, staff, and/or educators from across the college asking the following questions:

  • What do customers who use our products/services really want to accomplish (what job are they hiring us to do)?
  • What is it that customers for our products/services can’t get or frustrates them?
  • What is it that customers who use our products/services don’t understand?