Food and Health

Study food and health with Ag Sciences.

Do you see yourself formulating new food products? Improving the way food is produced? At the front line of research preventing the next pandemic? Helping disadvantaged communities connect to local food systems? If food or health are your future, read on to discover the variety of opportunities provided by the College of Agricultural Sciences!

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The following majors each offer a unique pathway to careers in food and health. Curious? Dive into each web page and request information to learn more.

Agribusiness Management

Dive into this hands-on approach to a business degree, with a focus on the unique challenges of the multibillion-dollar agriculture industry.

Agricultural and Biorenewable Systems Management

Combine the study of engineering technology, natural resources, and agriculture with the fundamentals of business, entrepreneurship, and management.

Animal Science

Launch your future through this hands-on, science-based education in all aspects of the science and business of raising animals—and it’s a great path to veterinary school.

Biological Engineering

Apply engineering design and analysis to solve critical sustainability issues such as food production, environmental stewardship, and new bio-based product development.

Community, Environment, and Development

Develop social science knowledge and skills to help communities and institutions effectively understand and respond to social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Food Science

Explore microbiology, chemistry, engineering, and nutrition to solve real-world problems involving food manufacturing, packaging, and safety.

Immunology and Infectious Disease

Explore our incredible immune system and engage in cutting-edge research to help find cures for infectious diseases. Prepare for medical, veterinary, dental, or pharmacy school or a career in allied health sciences or public health.

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Unleash science to explore topics like cancer and environmental pollution to prepare for medical school and other biomedical careers.

Plant Sciences

Set yourself up for a rewarding career by first gaining a deep understanding of the science and business of plant life through our classes, labs, and nearby greenhouses and research farms.

Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Become exceptionally prepared for veterinary school and discover additional opportunities in public health and biomedical research.

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