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A new Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program in the college assists students and faculty members in commercializing their ideas.

The brown marmorated stink bug and the western conifer seed bug look very similar. How can I identify them correctly?

Autumn is beautiful as the leaves begin to change and people start pulling out their brightly colored sweaters. Unfortunately, all of those falling leaves can be a headache for anyone with large ponds on their property.

Pennsylvania now has more than 160 wineries. What are these wineries making? What wines are good to try? These are questions I often receive from consumers. Pennsylvania wines can be broken down into three main categories: European, hybrid, and native varieties.

Robert F. Roberts, who has served as interim head of the Penn State Department of Food Science since May 2012, has been named to the post on a permanent basis.

A new approach may be able to reduce the time it takes health officials to identify Salmonella strains by more than half, according to researchers in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

Swimming with sharks doesn’t terrify Jennifer McAndrew. For her, it is just another day on the job.

We are Pennsylvania’s only land-grant university. What does that mean?

A 3.4 percent increase in funding for Penn State agricultural research and extension included in the newly passed 2013–2014 state budget will help to maintain programs critical for Pennsylvania’s agricultural industry and the consumers it serves.

Pennsylvanians can help by creating landscapes for these insects and certifying them as “pollinator friendly” with Penn State Extension Master Gardeners.

Changing the way a plant forms 
cellulose may lead to more efficient, less expensive biofuel production, according to Penn State engineers.

While many people recognize that clean water and air are signs of a healthy ecosystem, most do not realize that a critical part of the environment is right beneath their feet.

Dana James has always been ambitious. In high school while peers were putting in a few local community service hours, she chose to volunteer in Guatemala. She approached her college education 
with the same above-and-beyond attitude.

Since becoming the Commonwealth’s sole land-grant institution in 1863, it has been Penn State’s goal to offer its students a practical education to enter the workforce and provide service to their communities. Perhaps no alumnus has better carried out Penn State’s original mission than Calvin H. Waller, the University’s first African American graduate.

Kelcey Grogan was named by the Ag Alumni Society as outstanding senior in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences Class of 2013.

Robert Van Saun, professor of veterinary science, has been selected to receive the Ag Alumni Society’s 2013 Excellence in Academic Advising Award. The award recognizes overall effectiveness in student advising, individual student goal-setting and career planning, and personal counseling.

The number-one turfgrass program in the nation hit a hole-in-one this year: all three major U.S. golf tournaments were hosted at courses run by Penn State turfgrass grads

May 2013 officially marks one year of my adventure as the Ag Alumni Society intern. What a year it has been!

In July, Roxanne Molnar ’99 Food Sci became president of the Ag Alumni Society. You’ve probably seen her at alumni events, but did you know these fun facts about her?