Entrepreneurship Courses

Courses for undergraduate students in entrepreneurial mindset, leadership and new ventures.

Courses in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurial Mindset MGMT297F

Do you want to think more like an entrepreneur? Take this introductory course to develop your innovation and entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurial Leadership ENGR310

Are you interested in developing your organizing and leadership skills to start a successful venture? This course will provide you with key tools in a team environment for an entrepreneurial start-up.

New Ventures

Are you ready to go live with a start-up idea? In this course students are given live projects and are encouraged to obtain results. You and your team organize around a venture challenge and lead it to the next level.

Want more? Consider enrolling in the College’s Food and Bio-Innovation Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor. Courses within most AgSci majors apply to the minor. Contact Dr. Mark Gagnon for more information.

The Food & Bio-Innovation Minor