Who are you rooting for in the Ag Springboard 2020 student pitch contest?! 22 student teams registered for Ag Springboard 2020 and are polishing their pitches for judges. Finalists live-pitch judges April 1 in the final round of competition. Winners will be announced that eve.

2019 Ag Springboard Winners

GreenBriq, a student venture to turn the biomass of invasive water hyacinth plants into affordable fuel briquettes for Kenyan families, won the $7,500, first-place prize Wednesday in the Ag Springboard pitch contest.

 The second-place winner of $2,500 is Inakua, a student venture to rent water-efficient hydroponic growing towers to Kenyan families to reliably grow their own vegetables.

Read about the winners of 2019 Ag Springboard.

2020 Ag Springboard Teams

Fyre Fest       

Create genetically modified trees that create a fire wall for forest fires and prevent endangered species of trees from going extinct.                   

Pura Vida     

Genetically modify native oak trees to create a more favorable habitat for North American honeybees, which would protect them from parasitic mites. The goal of this idea would be to help prevent the further decline in bee populations.        


Make enhanced feminine hygiene products (pads and tampons) with genetically modified hemp that will increase the safety and absorbance for the consumer, while simultaneously being environmentally friendly by using less water to produce the crop and the products ability to be completely 

Greens Therapy       

Non-profit organization using Horticultural Therapy for mental illnesses, physical disabilities, and many more challenges. Specifically placed in a low-income area    


Precision Agriculture and 5G

Food Door     

Redistribute excess food items from food banks, and local stores to starving people in State College by building a self-sustaining business.                                   

Solar-powered Cooler                     

A multipurpose product designed to meet the needs of families tailgating to aid workers providing medical care in remote clinics. Made of recycled and sustainable materials, our product aims to reduce environmental impact while providing a green alternative to traditional ice-filled coolers.


Use plants to replace single-use plastic, especially single-use plastic containers (such as you'd find holding fruits, vegetables, etc.). These will be compostable to reduce waste that we use to package commonly used items.

Be for Bees Project  

We are tackling the pollinator population declines by selling beeswax candles and honey. We source honey and beeswax from local 

NewLeaf Plants         T

The premise of our company is to make houseplants that are normally toxic to pets nontoxic. 

Team Food Door      

Our business idea is to genetically modify a plant in order to efficiently grow the necessary food to sustain the growing world's hunger. Currently, our plan is to implement a modification to white rice to have it include essential amino acids to provide the necessary nutrients for impoverished people.    


Extrigate's mission is to provide affordable wells to small-holder farmers in Kenya who have been marginalized due to unaffordable costs and inaccessibility of well drilling. Through our innovative borehole drilling technology, we aim to eradicate these barriers for communities in Kenya.

Hemp Industrial Supply     

Developing sustainable animal bedding made out of hemp.          

Farm Fit        

A network that connects people who are looking for an outdoor and community-based work out with local farms in the area that are seeking labor. The model is similar to Good Gym which is currently only in the UK and taps into a unique workout experience that connects people and community.


Currently, in many developing countries, smallholder farmers must transact with wholesalers through a broker. Smallholder farmers farm on plots of land that are an acre or less, and suffer from extreme poverty. Wholesalers are market buyers who purchase produce and then sell that produce to nearby vendors. Farmers and wholesalers often live far away from each other. It is difficult for farmers and wholesalers to transact, and accordingly they use a broker to buy and sell produce. Brokers either buy produce from farmers at lower prices and then resell the produce to wholesalers at a higher prices, or they direct wholesalers to the farm and charge fees for their services. Bloom aims to solve this problem through a 2-sided mobile platform that eliminates the need for brokers. Our platform will allow farmers to post information about their produce via SMS or an Android app. Wholesalers will select and buy produce on their phones through SMS or our app. Our solution can reach millions of farmers due to the emphasis on SMS and Android compatibility, it will have measures in place to provide a form of quality assurance, and most importantly it will be a fair transaction system.

Plant A Seed 

The business is to monitor and maintain optimal plant growth by monitoring the major contributing factors of the health of the plant like humidity, temperature, etc., using Internet of Things (IOT) technology. This enables the deep monitoring of plant health and ability to grow promised yield without loss of plant life. This way, farmers can control their farm remotely and can operate high-tech technology using IOT and their mobile devices. 


Provide a grocery application that monitors your personal food inventory.

Standard Recycling 

A recycling improvement consulting firm that works with municipalities and waste haulers to increase waste recycling and reduce land fill waste.


Provide turnkey consulting services and resources to convert existing gyms and fitness facilities into reduced energy and resource use.

Drop in Fresh           

Provides local farm produce to college students.

Farmer's Dog Supplements

Produce pet food that's formulated for specific dog breeds and life stage.

Savor Smoothies      

Produce fruit and vegetable smoothies from lower quality produce that is often discarded as food waste.