Starting a Business

Resources to help you achieve your business vision

Are you considering starting a business? There are numerous resources to help you focus on achieving your vision.

If you run a food business and want to be more profitable or are looking to start a new food business, check out this Penn State Extension website.

This site will lead you to business, regulatory, and food technological resources to consider when starting a new business or maintaining your existing business.

The following links deal with key topics such as is entrepreneurship right for you? Or the steps you will need to take to start a business.

Take advantage of the abundant resources available here at Penn State such as Ben Franklin Technology Partners or the Small Business Development Center.

Plus, we have several programs specific to food & agriculture-based businesses such as Penn State Extension.

If you having trouble finding out where to start, contact us. We can help steer you in the right direction. 

Find helpful information for what you need to consider when starting a business at each of the sites below:

Resources for faculty exploring market applications of their research and inventions.