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Office of Undergraduate Education


101 Ag Administration Building
University Park, PA 16802


Laszlo Kulcsar, Ph.D.
  • Senior Associate Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences

Your whole world is right there.

In Animal Science, our faculty are conducting pioneering research and are sought-after experts in their fields. But mentoring you and cultivating your talents is their top priority.

Our facilities are more than world class. They are a world of their own. You’re never more than steps from the dairy, beef, swine, sheep, goat, and deer barns—because we believe some of our best teachers don’t walk on two legs.

Animal Science is the right major if you’re:

  • prepping for graduate or veterinary school
  • interested in animal-related research
  • driven to manage a farm or other business related to animals
  • pursuing a career in agricultural sales or service
  • hoping to impact our communities through community-based education

One major. Two paths. Infinite destinations.

Business and Animal Management Option

This path combines business and the production and management of animals. Grads chair Fortune 500s, manage agricultural operations, and are leaders in government.

Example Business Courses

  • Agribusiness Problem Solving
  • Global Agribusiness
  • Farm Planning and Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

Example Production Courses

  • Field Crop Management
  • Pets in Society
  • Introduction to Livestock Judging
  • Small and Large Animal Health
  • Milk Secretion

Science Option

This is an in-depth study of the basic sciences relevant to animal biology. This path leads to opportunities in research, the pharma industry, and genetics, and is a great track toward veterinary school.

Example Courses

  • Applied Animal Welfare
  • Principles of Avian Diseases
  • Techniques in Reproduction
  • Endocrinology
  • Biology of Animal Parasites

17 Majors

Over 40+ Student Clubs and Organizations

16:1 Student-to-Faculty Ration in Core Courses

Undergraduate Degrees

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Graduate Degree Programs

Lorem ipsum degree programs sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent vitae pulvinar nisi. Praesent augue urna, inter-college degrees et lobortis ut, efficitur id diam. Sed odio est, auctor nec venenatis sit amet, dual-title degrees quis sem. Nunc egestas.

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"I came for an education. I found a network for life."

--Melissa Mercado

Penn State's First College

17 Undergraduate Majors

18 Graduate Program Areas