2021 Scholarship and Award Virtual Celebration


Welcome to the College of Agricultural Sciences 2021 Scholarships and Awards Virtual Celebration! While we had hoped to be back at The Penn Stater Conference Center this year, we are so glad you have made the time to join us, hear from our students, and allow us to recognize the positive impact you have made on the college via this virtual format. Thank you for your generosity and support and for making the College of Agricultural Sciences a philanthropic priority.


Dean Rick Roush
and the College of Ag Sciences Development Team

2021 Scholarships and Awards Virtual Celebration

Lydia Periconi

Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Major

Tanya Muratori

Ph.D. Candidate in Animal Science

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to view our special presentation and hope it left you feeling inspired. The scholarships and awards you have created and continue to support are truly a gift. We hope that through the students you heard from in the video a small group representing hundreds of their peers helped you to understand the incredible impact you have made on their college experience.

We are incredibly proud of the scholarship program we have developed and continue to grow in the college, but there is always more to be done to ensure our current and future students have the opportunity to pursue their educational and professional dreams. Consider contributing to the college's General Scholarship Fund, or if you have already created a scholarship or award, making additional gifts to bolster its value can allow you to help even more students. The college's Development Team is here to help you create a lasting legacy of which you can be proud.