To prepare for the weed science contest a two-credit course, entitled "Applied Weed Science" is taught during the summer session. The class meets once a week (evenings) over an eight-week period. The class is taught in the field and the classroom setting to provide both fundamental facts and explanations and experiential learning in the field. It is open to students interested in weed management in agroecology (agronomy), horticulture, turf, and/or natural areas. It provides hands-on instruction in weed identification, herbicide mode of action and injury symptoms, sprayer calibration, and diagnosing field-related injury or performance problems. In addition to the in-field class/practice sessions, the interaction of graduates and undergraduates provides another teaching dynamic. Since many of the graduates come from various educational backgrounds in production agriculture and have competed in the contest before they can provide some unique insights to help their teammates. The course concludes by student participation in the Northeastern Weed Science Contest. (Prerequisite: none required, but an introductory weed management course or experience is helpful.)