Instructions for students to add a new club event.

For club websites hosted on

If your club website exists on the College of Ag Sciences Clubs website (i.e. with a URL of[club-name]), your site editor should add the event to your club Events listing.

For club websites hosted elsewhere

If your club website is hosted elsewhere (e.g.,, Wordpress, etc.) you should add your event to the main AgSci Clubs Events listing.


  1. Ensure you are using the Firefox browser. Chrome or Safari may also work, but Internet Explorer is known to have problems.
  2. Read the instructions below, then click on the link below to add an event.
  3. Add the information (description, date/time, location, event details) to your event
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom
  5. Review your event. Click Edit on the green menu bar if you need to make any changes
  6. Required: When ready to publish, click State: Private and select Submit for Publication
  7. Your event will then be reviewed and published to the Club Events listing
  8. Now you're ready...Add your event

    Question or Problems

    Contact if you have any questions or problems.