Northeast Regional Collegiate Soil Judging Contest

October 21-22, 2005, University of New Hampshire

Team Members

  • Mary Kay Krisinski, coach
  • Becky Sankey
  • Afton Campbell
  • Rachel Ballance
  • Sean Wolfe

Overall Team Standings

  1. Ohio State
  2. University of Maryland (A team)
  3. University of Rhode Island
  4. University of Maryland (B team)

Individual Standings

  1. Joe Ringler, Ohio State University
  2. Nate Socha, University of Rhode Island
  3. Sarah Shoppell, University of Rhode Island
  4. Jason Martin, University of Maryland
  5. Jesse Dotterer, Ohio State University
  6. Laura Pallandre, University of Maryland
  7. Elizabeth Kulp, Delaware Valley College
  8. Pedro Mayorga, University of Maryland
  9. Jackie Cozens, Delaware Valley College
  10. Julie Hill, University of Maryland

Eleven teams from seven universities participated in the 2005 competition.