SERT Meeting Minutes - September 1, 2015

Officer Introductions

· Dues $8 for the semester, $15 for the year

· By next meeting, contact Taylor if you will not be at the meeting.

Upcoming Events:
  • 4-H Competitive Trail Ride - September 19
- In need of volunteers

- Pulse & Respiration Training 6:00 PM Tuesday, September 15

(Next General Meeting at Pulse & Respiration Training @ the Horse Barns)

  • Equine Open House - October 10

- Set up around 7:30 AM

- Open house around 10:00 AM-12:30 AM

- Will need people to help

- Will need committee to help CHAPS and people to help the day of

Jenny, Maura, Yvetteà Committee Leaders

- Sigh-up sheet to follow

- Selling cowgirl cookies at meeting

o Making at a meeting beforehand

Next Full Meeting-September 29

· Patricia and Sega to talk about spring study

Spring Study: Influence of different diets on gastrointestinal health in the horse

· 24 hour collections

· Will need volunteers EVERY DAY

Many people with other studies ongoing… Some projects that can be picked up...

o Feed and fecal particle size

o Lung tissue health

o Predicting parturition

o Equine impact surveys?

o And others!!

Things to do in future meetings:

· Trash can horses

· Cowgirl cookies

· Come up with more social ideas!