Mission statement:

To promote responsible pet ownership, to increase education about small and exotic animal topics among the students of the university and the community, and to provide students with animal-oriented volunteer opportunities throughout the area.

During the semester there are bimonthly meetings that consist of a business meeting, followed by a speaker on an area of interest to the group. Some of the club's activities include animal-assisted therapy at local nursing homes, volunteering with local animal shelters, rescue facilities, and wildlife rehabilitation facilities, as well as an annual spring trip to zoos, museums, city animal shelters, aquariums, or other facilities of interest to the group. The club is open to any student with the desire to learn about companion and exotic animals and the human-animal bond.


Kristen Rekus


Dr. Nancy Dreschel
312 ASI Building

Susan Lechtanski
Phone: 814-865-5620


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