Posted: October 11, 2021

Ag IT staff often have opportunities to work innovative technology with faculty, researchers, educators and staff in our College. Today we highlight the work IT Consultant Jill Paige and Systems Administrator Travis Waltz are undertaking to assist researchers store and share photos taken on Raspberry Pis.

Raspberry Pi computers

Raspberry Pi computers

Housed in a greenhouse in the Huck Institute of Life Sciences, tiny computers called Raspberry Pis snap photos while dangled above cacao leaves. According to Jill’s coordination with the researchers, the photos need to be shared safely and securely over the Penn State wired network so the researchers can analyze them using other lab equipment. To satisfy the requirements, Travis has been working to connect the Raspberry Pis to a file share where access is controlled via membership in a User Managed Group (UMG). The process requires creating a file share and service account, mounting the share on the Pis and configuring the Pis to access the shares on startup. Overall, the change will aid in reducing security vulnerabilities, provide a more reliable storage solution, and restrict access to only the researchers involved in the work. Way to go, Jill and Travis!

Ag IT appreciates our opportunities to partner with the Ag Community to bring innovative solutions to the forefront of research and teaching! Do you have a high-tech problem of which you’d like to explore solutions? Please reach out to your Ag IT Consultant for assistance! We are here to partner with you! 

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Jill Paige, IT Consultant Travis Waltz, Systems Administrator

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