Posted: February 15, 2021

Penn State's Office of Information Security introduces Lifetime Passwords for Penn State Accounts

Image: Gabriel Caparo

Image: Gabriel Caparo

Penn State's Office of Information Security is making changes to the University's Penn State Account password policy. The biggest change to affect employees is the introduction of a Lifetime Password: instead of changing your Penn State Account password on a yearly basis, you will change it only once prior to May 12, 2021 and not change it again.

No later than May 12, 2021, all faculty, staff and technical service employees are required to change their password. If the password is not changed by May 12, the employee will receive an error when attempting to log into WebAccess and then will be obliged to update it prior to proceeding.

Please note: Students, retirees and individuals with sponsored accounts are not part of this initial implementation process and may wait to change their password until their current password expires. However, once the password is changed, the Lifetime Password requirements will still apply.

Next Steps

  1. Log in to, click “Security Settings" to set your Lifetime Password. Please see below for Lifetime Password requirements.
  2. IMPORTANT! Immediately after changing your password: If you have a Penn State-owned device AND you use your Penn State user ID and password to log in to it, follow the instructions in Sync My Penn State Computer Password.
  3. For additional steps you may need to take, as well as resources for any issues you may encounter, visit After You Change Your Penn State Password.

Lifetime Password Resources and Troubleshooting

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