Posted: May 3, 2022

With the semester coming to an end, Ag IT would like to offer several IT-related reminders and considerations before diving into summer vacation season.

Are you sharing data with students who are graduating?

  • If the student is sharing the data from their own OneDrive account, make arrangements to transfer the data to a location you own before the student account expires. When that user’s account is disabled, you will lose access to data they shared with you.
  • For information about how long accounts remain active once a student leaves or graduates, see the Office of Information Security’s What happens after I leave reference guide. 

Does a graduating student have equipment that needs to be returned?

  • If you would like the equipment rebuilt for a new purpose, please reach out to your IT Consultant to discuss re-deployment plans.
  • Old equipment that is no longer functional should be sent to Salvage (Lion Surplus). If needed, your IT Consultant can guide you through the salvaging process.

Are you planning to travel for an extended period of time?

  • If you are taking a laptop, please ensure it is fully updated before you leave. If this is a machine that has not been used for a while, check that everything you need on it is working properly. You should do this with enough time to have Ag IT check it out should there be a problem or question.
  • If you have a desktop computer in your office, please do not turn it off. It should remain powered on so that it can be properly patched and updated while you are away (it will go into power-saving mode during times of inactivity). Don’t forget to logoff or restart before you leave!
  • If the DUO app on your smartphone is registered with Penn State, the app can still generate a two-factor authentication passcode in the absence of cell service or WiFi at your location. Check out Penn State IT's 2FA: Using Two-Factor Authentication While Traveling for more information.

Don’t forget that Ag IT can help you while you’re traveling. Should you have IT-related problems or questions, please reach out via Help Request Form, emailing or calling 814-865-1229.

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