Posted: March 7, 2019

If you’re feeling a little constrained by earthly computing, cloud computing might be right for you!

Are you a researcher looking for a place to host a server or analyze large data sets? Have a task that could use some additional computing horsepower? Or, are you just wondering if Cloud Computing might be right for you? If so, we would recommend reaching out to Ag IT where our Cloud Team can discuss with you options available through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Penn State has teamed up with AWS to offer added benefits to going through the University rather than working directly with AWS, such as additional Intellectual Property protections for your research and lower costs. In the near future we will also be working with Microsoft's Azure cloud and possibly others.

If you think you may be interested in seeing where Cloud Computing might fit in your research, please reach out to the Ag IT Help Desk (814-865-1229… and our Cloud Team will be in touch.

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