Posted: December 11, 2017

If you wander around the halls of Ag IT, you will often hear our staff talking on the phone referring to the Thumbprint Page. “Use this password anytime the thumbprint page pops up,” or “Use the same password that you would for the thumbprint page!” Next month, Penn State will launch a redesign of the Thumbprint page, more correctly known as the WebAccess page.

We have always urged you to be cautious, and we're proud of how many of you are skeptical about entering your secure password credentials on an unfamiliar page, and so we want to let you know to expect (and accept!) this change. An early template of the new WebAccess appears below so that you are not caught off guard, though changes to this design are still possible. There will always be a background image from a Penn State campus, though these may rotate so you would not expect to always see this or any other specific image.


Even though there is a new look, and we have helped you to know that it is changing, it is always best to check twice when entering your account information. It is fairly simple to make a malicious website look like a legitimate website, so you're safest when you look at the web address bar, too, and see that it begins with https, and is followed by

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