Logging In

  1. Locate and open Cisco Jabber.
  2. When you first open Cisco Jabber, you will be presented with a log in screen.
  3. Enter your userID@psu.edu in the box and click Continue.
  4. You will then be taken to a Penn State login screen. Login as usual with your user ID, password and 2FA.
  5. Once Jabber is open, you should see a screen with your name, a box to dial, contacts, voicemail, etc. If not, you likely need licensed by Penn State ENCS and will need to request access to Jabber.

Using the Application


  • Jabber works just like your desk phone. When someone calls your office number, your computer will 'ring' and you answer.
  • Remember you will need to dial an 8 before dialing outside the office. Only the 5-digit is needed if dialing internal (on campus or interoffice).
  • You can type in a person's name and call them as well. This assumes that their directory information is correct.