Add an Alert

Users are able to set alerts to be emailed when changes are made to parts of a SharePoint site. Alerts can be set up for entire document or picture libraries, individual files or folders in a document or picture library, for calendars or pretty much anything else that you may have included in your SharePoint site.

Connect SharePoint Calendar to your Outlook Calendar

To share information between a SharePoint Calendar and Outlook, users will need to establish a connection between the SharePoint Calendar and Outlook. Once the connection is established, users can view and manage the SharePoint calendar directly from Outlook.

Delete SharePoint Calendar Connection from your Outlook Calendar

Old SharePoint calendars should be removed from your Outlook. This is especially important as we move away from AG SharePoint sites to Office365 SharePoint sites. This How To explains how to delete/remove connection to a SharePoint calendar in your Microsoft Outlook application.

Make Files from a SharePoint Site Available via File Explorer

Files that are shared in a SharePoint site can be accessible through File Explorer by simply adding a shortcut to the folder that contains the files.

Sharing SharePoint Files

SharePoint files or folders can easily be shared with other people.

Sharing SharePoint Files with the public and/or for Cvent use

This How To is written specifically for Extension staff, faculty and educators that need to share files with the public for webinars, meetings, classes and similar items. Penn State does not allow public access to a SharePoint site by default. To save you steps of creating your own SharePoint site and then requesting public access and then managing the site, Ag IT has created Team SharePoint sites for each of the Extension teams and have created a Public folder for you to use to store your files for the public to use. This How To provides instructions on how to share a link with those that need access.