Files that are shared in a SharePoint site can be accessible through File Explorer by simply adding a shortcut to the folder that contains the files.

  1. Open the SharePoint site that contains the files you need
  2. For a specific folder:
    1. Open the Documents area using the button on the left Quick Start menu
    2. Click the circle to the left of the folder that contains the files you need
  3. For the entire site, go to the next step.
  4. In the site toolbar, click the Add Shortcut to OneDrive buttonSP_addtoOneDrive.jpg
  5. This folder should appear shortly, in your OneDrive - The Pennsylvania State University folder.SP_OneDriveShortcut.jpg
  6. Optional, add this folder to Quick access area by right-clicking on the shortcut, then select Pin to Quick access.SP_pinOneDrivetoQA.jpg