Transitioning back to the office after months of working from home may require a bit of finesse to ensure your technology is working as it did (or better!) prior to March 2020. Ag IT has compiled some "return to the office" tips that may make your transition a bit easier. Welcome back, Ag Community!


Most, if not all, Box accounts have been migrated to OneDrive. If your data has been migrated and you are prompted to log into Box Sync or Box Edit, please ignore the prompt. Do not log into the Boxk desktop apps. If you need to access your Box files, open a web browser and navigate to Box via


Computers that are only used in the office do not need GlobalProtect -- these computers are already connected to the Penn State network, allowing you to connect to all resources, applications and websites. Is GlobalProtect already installed? No problem! GlobalProtect is smart! The application will detect that you are already connected to a Penn State network, will continue to run silently in the background and allow access to all Penn State resources.

If you use your computer both in and away from the office, GlobalProtect can be disconnected while in the office (although this is not required). Please note that GlobalProtect may prompt you to log in each time it detects your computer has switched to a different network (eg, working in the office and then working from the coffee shop).

Check out our GlobalProtect How Tos for more information!


If you are accustomed to using Jabber on your computer and you have an office phone, you may sign out of Jabber to avoid both your physical phone and computer ringing when someone calls! If you need Jabber while away from the office, simply sign back in. Check out our Use Cisco Jabber on a Windows Computer How To for more information.

O365 Applications: Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, Word, Excel, etc.

If you changed your password and have not updated it on your office computer (or any Penn State computer you use), you will need to re-authenticate your account to use your desktop clients. Check out our Penn State IT's What Do I Need to Do When the New Penn State Sign-In Replaces WebAccess on July 7? knowledge base article for guidance on signing into the O365 apps.


If you have not used OneDrive on your office computer (or have not logged into OneDrive in a long time), sign in to begin syncing your work. Depending on how many files and how much data you have, this process may take time. Check out our Using and Configuring OneDrive and Accessing OneDrive Files How To's for more information.

If you have been using your personal device while working remotely, please make sure to move files/data not saved into OneDrive into your OneDrive account so it is synced with and accessible from your office computer. Please reach out to Ag IT if you need assistance.

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Did you update your default device to your home phone and are returning to the office? Before you return, please remember to change your default device to your work or cell phone. 2FA settings can be updated via

Update: 7/12/2021