The Non-Credit Team works with Penn State Extension educators and faculty to create digital education opportunities for Extension audiences.

The Digital Education Non-Credit Team


  • Provide strategic direction for digital education planning and development.
  • Consult with college leadership, faculty, educators, and marketing and communications on learning design for digital education products.
  • Partner with Penn State Extension educators and faculty to create online courses and educational Learn Now videos.
  • Support ongoing updates to and maintenance of online courses and Learn Now videos.
  • Explore new online learning technologies.
  • Provide closed captioning of recorded webinars and live captioning resources for webinars that have accommodation requests.

Penn State Extension offers over 110 online courses and 500 educational videos, available to purchase or watch on the Penn State Extension website. 

Penn State Faculty and Educators

Are you interested in developing non-credit digital education materials?

Go to "Online Course Development"

Learn about:

  • Learning Online with Penn State Extension
  • Online Courses and the Product Development Process (PDP)
  • Basics of Online Teaching
  • Collaborating with the Digital Education Team to Design Online Learning
  • Mobile-First Design for Digital Education Products
  • Preparing for Your Studio Recording
  • Online Course Checkup Process

Go to "Video Development"

Learn about: 

  • Penn State Extension Video Types and Purposes
  • Learn Now Video Process Guide
  • Extension Short Form Video Guidelines
  • Tips on Writing Video Storyboards