Midsemester Feedback — Sample Questionnaire

Midsemester feedback is a process where information is collected from students about their real-time reactions to a specific course they are currently enrolled in. Feedback is collected when students are approximately halfway through completing the course and it is utilized as a basis for course improvement. We are happy to help faculty create a customized survey for use in Canvas each semester.

Quality Matters at Penn State

To help measure the quality of online courses we have implemented Quality Matters (QM), a research-based rubric and course review system for measuring the quality of online course design. The core philosophy of QM is continuous improvement based on collegial and constructive feedback. Course reviewers are trained on the use of the QM Rubric. Participation in QM@PSU is voluntary. This site outlines several options Penn State faculty and staff have for integrating QM into their existing quality assurance strategies and course development processes.

Faculty Peer Review of Online Teaching

The Peer Review Guide for Online Teaching at Penn State is based on the "Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education," a summary of 50 years of higher education research that addresses good teaching and learning practices.

Using the "Indicators of Engaged Learning Online" Framework to Evaluate Online Course Quality

Bigatel, Paula M.; Edel-Malizia, Stephanie

TechTrends: Linking Research and Practice to Improve Learning, v62 n1 p58-70 Jan 2018

This article is a case study of the use of the "Indicators of Engaged Learning Online" (IELO) framework (See Appendix 1) as a guide to evaluate the quality of online courses.

Course Availability

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