The Outstanding Recent Alumnus/a Award is the highest award of the College of Agricultural Sciences and the Ag Alumni Society presented to a recent alumnus/a. The award recognizes an outstanding recent alumnus/a who has graduated in the last ten years, has a record of outstanding accomplishments and has made significant contributions to their profession.


  1. Recognize an outstanding recent alumnus/a for their professional accomplishments.
  2. Foster and cultivate a relationship with the honoree and the College.
  3. Provide enhanced opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to interact with the accomplished alumnus/a.


  1. Penn State alumni who have received an associate, undergraduate or a graduate degree from the College of Agricultural Sciences within the last ten years.
  2. Significant career advancement as recognized by an employer, professional association, or similar entity.
  3. Distinguished and diverse service to their community.
  4. Membership in the Penn State Alumni Association/Ag Alumni Society is encouraged.

Nomination Process

  1. One nomination will be accepted from each department.
  2. Nominations should include a support letter or statement of nomination, current resume, and any other supporting materials.
  3. One outstanding alumnus/a will be selected for the academic year to be hosted by the nominating department and the College.
  4. A two-day visit to campus will be scheduled in the fall in coordination with the Outstanding Recent Alumni Award, the Alumni Fellow Award, and the Armsby Honor Society Induction.

Selection Committee

  1. Selection will be made by a committee of the Dean, Associate Deans, Senior Director of Development and the Director of Alumni Relations.

Program Funding

  1. The Ag Alumni Society will provide each department with an honoree up to $1,000.  Departments may have more than one honoree and may be awarded accordingly.
  2. The Department is responsible for expenses such as transportation, lodging, and activities to engage the honoree with faculty and students. The Dean's Office will host a college awards reception and dinner. The Dean's Office will pay for the reception and the department will be responsible for the meal cost of the honoree and their guests.

Responsibilities of the Department

  1. Call the honoree within one week of notification to inform him/her of receipt of the award and the date of the awards dinner.
  2. Inform the Alumni Office that contact was made with the honoree. The Alumni Office will then send an official letter of congratulations from the Dean.
  3. Cover the honoree's expenses for transportation, lodging, and activities to engage the honoree with faculty and students. Covering expenses for the spouse and/or other guests is at the discretion of the department. Reminder -- funds from the Ag Alumni Society should be used to support these expenses.
  4. Coordinate the travel and lodging arrangements with the honoree.
  5. Develop the itinerary for the campus visit with faculty, staff, students, etc., and send to the honoree at least six weeks prior to the visit.
  6. Organize and publicize any seminars the honoree will hold while on campus.
  7. Send the itinerary to the Alumni Office six weeks prior to the visit. The Alumni Office will send itineraries of all honorees to the Dean.
  8. Participate as a department in the Dean's college awards reception and dinner.
  9. Provide transportation and escort the honoree to various activities on campus.
  10. Provide the Alumni Office with an invitation list for the Dean's college awards reception and dinner two months prior to the event. The invitation list should include the invitee, name of spouse, and mailing address (campus address if applicable). Invitation lists should include those most connected with the honoree and may include former faculty, current faculty, staff, colleagues, former classmates, graduate students and undergraduate students.

Responsibilities of the Alumni Office

  1. Set the date for the Dean's college awards reception and dinner.
  2. Coordinate the selection process and notify the departments of the outcome.
  3. Send a letter of congratulations from the Dean.
  4. Send a planning questionnaire to the honoree to gather information for their campus visit. Share the completed planning questionnaire with the department.
  5. Coordinate the writing, approval and distribution of a press release with the College Communications and Marketing Office.
  6. Coordinate the production and printing of the program booklet with the College Communications and Marketing Office.
  7. Gather invitation lists for the Dean's awards reception and dinner from departments and honorees. Send invitations four weeks prior to the event.
    • Coordinate the Dean's awards reception and dinner.
    • Reserve the event space and select the menu
    • Order a large lion with engraved plate for each honoree
    • Create an award certificate for each honoree
    • Provide a photographer for the dinner and share photos with departments and honorees after the event
    • Provide a corsage/boutonniere for each honoree and spouse

Award Timeline

  • Timeline to be announced

Contact Information

Lisa Grenoble, Alumni Relations Office
229 Ag Administration Building
University Park, PA 16802