Ag Journeys

“Now, when I look at food, I think, this is science.”

Tyler Chandross-Cohen

From: New Jersey

Major: Food Science, Class of 2022

Minor: Considering microbiology

Research: Fermentation of beer and wine

Good at: Research, making friends, raising my parents’ eyebrows by going to school out of state, thrilling my parents by being an awesome student and following in their science footsteps, rooting for Penn State, cracking the code on beer and wine

“I love food. I love science. I guess this was inevitable.”

“I was a Food Channel junkie.”

"In high school, I couldn’t get enough of food contest shows and travel cooking shows. I was also a pretty solid science student. One day I Googled ‘food’ and ‘science’ and discovered this major. Pretty soon I discovered that Penn State had one of the strongest programs.”

Road trip!

“When I got my Penn State acceptance letter, I was so excited that I talked my mom into driving to campus right then and there. On the way home, later that day, I accepted.

"I live in New Jersey.”

“I grew up surrounded by science.”

"Both of my parents are trained scientists. I can’t remember a time when science wasn’t a part of my life. The lab is a second home to me."

Talk the talk. Walk the walk.

“I was already onboard, but this absolutely sold me.”

“During freshman orientation, Dr. Sigler gave us a talk about the food science journey we were about to start. He had the communication skills and passion for the major to show us how it is interesting, important, and fun. I couldn’t wait to get started.”

“I've become a harsh critic.”

"The Sensory Lab has made me a better judge of food. And now, when I experience crunchy, sweet, sour, I think, this isn’t random—this is science."

“Fermentation is like a miracle.”

“My biggest new obsessions are beer, wine, and cheese."

"I’ve been part of winemaking research. We just take it for granted, but a single glass of wine is the product of millions, countless really, microorganisms collaborating to make a final product. Food science is the tool to make it better, safer, more delicious. It’s incredible.”

Love at first sight.

“I’ve heard other kids say they fell in love with Penn State from the moment they stepped on campus. For me, it happened about 20 miles out. On my first trip up, Beaver Stadium appeared on the horizon like a giant space ship. It was impressive, actually a little scary. But right then and there, I knew in my gut that this is where I was coming. And, of course, I’m now a season ticket holder.”

“They aren’t dorm mates. They’re my best friends.”