Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

“Everyone in our college has a common purpose—solving the world’s most important problems. Gabrielle Henrichs, Plant Sciences, Class of 2022

Healthy and affordable food. Clean air and water. Reliable energy. Vibrant economies and communities.

The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences is in the hands-on business of producing the pioneering research, cutting-edge technology, and, most of all, leaders of tomorrow to tackle these challenges head on.


“My Penn State Ag journey is so much more than an education. They want you here. They want you as a classmate, as a student, as a teacher, and most of all as a friend. And when you leave, they want you to get out there and make an impact.”

Melissa Mercado, with professor and mentor Donald D. Davis, Ph.D.

$2.9+ Million in scholarships annually

75% of graduates completed an internship

200+ students study abroad annually

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