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“Everyone in our college has a common purpose—solving the world’s most important problems. Gabrielle Henrichs, Plant Sciences, Class of 2022

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The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences is in the hands-on business of producing the pioneering research, cutting-edge technology, and, most of all, leaders of tomorrow to tackle these challenges head on.


“My Penn State Ag journey is so much more than an education. They want you here. They want you as a classmate, as a student, as a teacher, and most of all as a friend. And when you leave, they want you to get out there and make an impact.”

Melissa Mercado, with professor and mentor Donald D. Davis, Ph.D.

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News and Events from the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

January 2, 2020

Penn State scientist shares knowledge of soil science during visit to Ukraine

Ukraine is called the “breadbasket of Europe,” a moniker earned because of the fertile, black soils that blanket its landscape. As a longtime professor of environmental soil science in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, Rick Stehouwer has studied this famed “chernozem” soil, knowledge he acquired through books, lectures and lab samples. He had the opportunity to expand his understanding and see the soil for himself thanks to a philanthropic program through the college’s Office of International Programs that paved the way for him to visit the Eastern European country this past July.

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January 2, 2020

Innovation is widespread in rural areas, not just cities

Conventional measures of innovation suggest that only big cities foster new ideas, but a more comprehensive measure developed at Penn State shows that innovation is widespread even in rural places not typically thought of as innovative. This “hidden” innovation brings economic benefits to businesses and communities, according to researchers, whose findings will help decision makers think in new ways about innovation and how they can support it.

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January 2, 2020

Craft-beer boom linked to record number of US states growing hops

Craft breweries may be fueling an unprecedented geographic expansion of hop production across the U.S., according to researchers at Penn State and the University of Toledo. Their findings suggest that as more craft breweries emerge around the country, so may new opportunities for farmers.

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