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The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences offers 17 undergraduate majors, 23 minors, and graduate programs in 18 major areas.

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Shown are the three male calves of six recently born at Penn State's Dairy Farm, the result of a research project to reintroduce valuable genetic variance to the Holstein breed. 
Recovering lost genetic diversity in Holsteins is focus of professors' research
May 8, 2017
Holstein calves recently born at Penn State may help to reintroduce valuable genetic variance thanks to research conducted by Chad Dechow and Wansheng Liu, researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.
Dr. Andrew Read gives Graduate School Commencement Speech
May 8, 2017
Andrew F. Read, Ph.D., Evan Pugh Professor of Biology and Entomology and Eberly Professor of Biotechnology, was the keynote speaker for this year's Graduate School commencement ceremony held on May 7, 2017.
AvoColor logo
Invent Penn State’s Fund for Innovation awards $75,000 to Persea Naturals
May 4, 2017
A team of food science researchers from Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences are launching a promising new venture to produce a line of all-natural, vibrant food colors, dubbed AvoColor, using a compound derived from the seed of the avocado.
In the study, the numbers of five species associated specifically with hemlock showed negative responses to hemlock decline. One is the Blackburnian warbler, shown here.
If some hemlock trees can just hang on, birds that need them may be OK
April 27, 2017
In 2000, when a team of scientists led by Robert Ross studied the response of birds to the beginning of hemlock tree decline in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Matt Toenies was just seven years old, and the ecological havoc wreaked by invasive species was the farthest thing from his mind.


Upcoming Events

Food Microbiology Short Course 2017
When: May 23-25, 2017
Where: University Park, PA
Insect Chemical Ecology-ICE 17
When: May 31 - June 14, 2017
Where: University Park, PA
Fundamentals of Food Science Short Course
When: June 5-8, 2017
Where: University Park, PA
FFA Activities Week
When: June 13-15, 2017
Where: University Park, PA
Atelier: Gender + (Gender Integration for Solving Complex Problems)
When: June 19-20, 2017
Where: Hintz Alumni Center, Penn State University
Food and Airborne Fungi & Mycotoxins Short Course
When: June 20-22, 2017
Where: University Park, PA
Dr. Carolee Bull - Microbiomes and Plant Health and Productivity
When: June 27, 2017
Where: The Village at Penn State, 260 Lion's Hill Road, State College, PA