College of Agricultural Sciences

The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences offers 17 undergraduate majors, 23 minors, and graduate programs in 18 major areas.

College News and Information

Penn State Board of Trustees Election Process
December 15, 2017
The Office of the Board of Trustees at Penn State is seeking agricultural associations and organizations interested in participating in the Board of Trustees' election process.
Thanksgiving abroad: Food science embedded course explores India
December 13, 2017
Over a week during the Thanksgiving break, students enrolled in "Global perspectives on agricultural and food science in India" traveled to the city of Hyderabad to explore the food system in India while learning about the role that agriculture plays in the country's booming economy.
New research demonstrates that manipulating competition among pathogens can lead to successful treatment with traditional drugs, even where resistance to that drug is already present.    (      Click here     for high resolution version.)
Turning pathogens against each other to prevent drug resistance
December 11, 2017
Limiting a much-needed resource could pit pathogens against one another and prevent the emergence of drug resistance, say researchers.
In collaboration with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, researchers will recruit 50-60 volunteer citizen scientists to participate in data generation and focus group meetings to identify ways to reduce endocrine-disrupting compounds in the environment.
Citizen scientists to help researchers gauge Susquehanna water quality
December 11, 2017
Using a network of up to 60 citizen scientists, a team of Penn State researchers will assess the levels of endocrine-disrupting compounds in the Susquehanna River next year, and in turn empower those volunteers to become part of the solution to water-quality problems related to emerging contaminants.


Upcoming Events

Fall 2017 Commencement
When: December 16, 2017
Where: Bryce Jordan Center
2018 Ice Cream Short Course
When: January 7-13, 2018
Where: Nittany Lion Inn, State College, PA
Ice Cream 101: Introduction to Frozen Desserts 2018
When: January 26-28, 2018
Where: University Park, PA
Food Packaging Short Course
When: March 6-8, 2018
Where: University Park, PA