About PA-WAgN Awards

Every year at PA-WAgN’s annual symposium, we honor women, businesses and organizations that exemplify PA-WAgN’s mission to support women in agriculture. The Wagoner Award honors an individual who drives PA-WAgN forward through their work, and the Bolster Award honors an individual, organization, or business that has helped bring a wider recognition of the importance of women as farmers and as growers to their communities, governments, and the agricultural industry.

Madison-Keita-Nykisha_2018 WAgoner.jpg Farm to Table Pittsburgh_2018 Bolster.jpg
Nykisha Madison-Keita, Farm Manager for Urban Tree Connection, receives the 2018 Wagoner Award. Erin Hart, founder of Farm to Table Western PA, receives the 2018 Bolster Award


PA-WAgN award nominations are closed for 2019.

Recent Past PA-WAgN Awardees

  • Nykisha Madison-Keita (Wagoner Award - 2018)
  • Erin Hart and Farm to Table Western PA (Bolster Award -2018)
  • Sandra Miller (Wagoner Award – 2017)
  • Pennypack Farm & Education Center (Bolster Award – 2017)
  • Carolyn Sachs (Wagoner Award – 2016)
  • Hameau Farm, Gay Rodgers (Bolster Award – 2016)
  • Moie Crawford (Wagoner Award 2015)
  • Hannah Smith Brubaker, Deputy Secretary of Ag (Bolster Award 2015)
  • Leah Tewksbury (Wagoner Award 2014)
  • Green Heron Tools (Bolster Award 2014)

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