Exhibitors with updated profiles generally experience 2-3 times more visits to their eBooths than exhibitors with incomplete profiles. To maximize your ROI from your participation at 2021 PA Timber Show, it is important to coordinate your online booth strategy with your physical booth strategy.

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Updating your E-Booth Profile

  • Edit Booth Contact information to ensure our office and clients have the most up-to-date contacts
    • Consider using Sales Representative name as booth contact
  • Populate general sales information so prospective clients can access your sales team
  • Add a company logo so potential clients recognize your brand
  • Write a company online profile description
    • Tell your company's story!
  • Select up to 10 product categories and add major brands for cross reference
    • This helps clients with specific needs find YOUR company
  • Add links to your website, Facebook, and other social media accounts
  • Be sure to "Save" at the bottom of each page you edit!

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