For the summer I had a great opportunity to work with a park naturalist back home in Michigan, and be an interpretive program assistant….well, really a substitute assistant. I explain what I mean by that later. But what the job entailed was creating mini lessons for day camps that came to the park, and I had to teach them various aspects of wildlife. For example, I did programs dealing with native endangered species, what makes a fish a fish, and wetland creatures. I was able to semi get this position but simply volunteering two summers ago with the park naturalist. I told her I was really interested in doing education programs, and asked if I could help her out everyone once in a while. I mostly monitored kids, and only did a little helping with teaching. Later I discussed interest in volunteering more, and she directed me towards this program assistant job. I applied to be a full time position, but it was given to an older women with all her degrees and such. But they were still impressed with my experience (most of which came through programs TWS does), that they decided to have me help out still. My hopes are that because I got great reviews from my programs last summer, and will have gained even more experience this school year, that I will be able to be a full time assistant.