Presentations, files, and multimedia from workshops where FREC and Penn State Extension faculty, researchers, and educators have participated.

FREC and Penn State Extension faculty, researchers, and educators participate in diverse professional and academic conferences, conventions, and educational events. Many of these workshops include useful information that can be distributed online: copies of the presentation slide sets, video and audio recordings of presentations, copies of handouts distributed at the event, etc. As much of that media that can be distributed electronically has been preserved and listed here.

Alternative media formats may be available by request. Where appropriate, the contact information of the presenter has been made available. If a contact is not explicitly listed, please click on the "contact us" link in the footer of this page.

Note about older workshops/events: The list of workshops and events will be sorted in reverse chronological order - with the most recent entries first. Older files have been preserved because they either contain useful information that remains applicable or because they have intrinsic historical value. The page for each event will include a description of the currency of information contained within. Please read that statement before adopting a practice described in an older, historical document. Documents will be removed from this site as they expire in relevance.

Employee Recruitment and Retention

Special session conducted during the 2020 Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable Convention

Winter Tree Fruit Schools

Social Media

Production Guides